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Don’t Sit Out This Important Election

We all have an important job to do on Nov. 8.


(For polling places, important dates and other information, check out our 2016 Voter Guide.)

I know many people are fed up with politics and rhetoric from both political parties, or maybe you don’t really like any of the candidates running. But not voting is not the right choice.

Don’t sit out this election. There are too many important issues facing our country, our state and each of us individually. When you cast your ballot for president, governor, Congress, the N.C. General Assembly, judges and local officials, you have the power to change things for the better. But if you don’t vote, you give up that power.

You could be hurting yourself in the process.

Even those races that don’t seem to affect your life can have a tremendous impact.

Our next president will nominate justices to the Supreme Court. Members of Congress will vote which nominees to approve. And those justices will rule on matters of law that affect everyone’s civil rights and personal liberties.

Our next governor will have the power to enact or veto laws affecting business recruitment, personal and religious freedoms and workers rights. He will also be charged with appointing people to crucial positions within state government, including the N.C. Industrial Commission. Those political appointments could directly impact the resolution of your workers’ compensation claim.

Members of congress and state legislators wield incredible power, as well. Their decisions affect civil rights, human rights, worker rights, equal rights and public safety.

State and local judicial races are also important. Some of these are nonpartisan races, so you’ll find those at the end of the ballot. If you vote a straight ticket, you still need to cast your ballot for these important judicial races.

I believe you are someone, like us, who care about the integrity of our courts and electing judges who are fair to all sides and independent in their judgments. We have been representing community members for more than 25 years and have gained insight and experience within our judicial community. As a civil lawyer, I pay close attention to the North Carolina appellate courts. On Nov. 8, voters will elect judges for the North Carolina appellate courts, shaping our judicial system for years to come.

Now more than ever, we need fair and independent judges, committed to equal justice for all. This year, North Carolina voters will choose one justice on the Supreme Court and five judges on the Court of Appeals. Some races are nonpartisan, and candidates will appear with no party identification. The Court of Appeals candidates will be designated with their party affiliation (D or R), but the N.C. Supreme Court candidates will have no party designation.

Some of my friends, clients and family have asked for my recommendations in the judicial races. You will find these personal recommendations, along with endorsements from the N.C. Advocates for Justice at the end of this post.

Use your ballot wisely.

We offer these endorsements because we believe these candidates will stand up for the rights of hardworking North Carolinians and will set our state and nation on the right path. Please join us in supporting these candidates.

Some candidates who say they are looking out for people like you are lying. They are beholden to special interests and the insurance companies, or they’re pandering to fear, racism and bigotry.

Electing them will not be good for America, North Carolina or for you and your family.

We fully believe the candidates we have endorsed will best represent the rights of North Carolina workers.

Feel free to make copies of this blog post for your friends and family, and share on Facebook or other social media. Encourage everyone who is eligible to get out and vote! Be sure to bring a copy of these endorsements with when you vote, or write down these names and put the list in your wallet. (Smart phones cannot be used in the voting booth.)

2016 Election Endorsements

Every election season, the NCAJ PAC makes endorsements in important state, national and statewide judicial races.

We stand with the NCAJ in support of these candidates, as we believe they will do the best job of protecting people’s rights and treating everyone fairly, especially injured workers.

Governor – Roy Cooper
Lt. Governor – Linda Coleman
Attorney General – Josh Stein
Labor Commissioner – Charles Meeker
Insurance Commissioner – Wayne Goodwin
Secretary of State – Elaine Marshall
State Auditor – Beth Wood
State Treasurer – Dan Blue, III
Superintendent of Public Instruction – June Atkinson
N.C. Supreme Court: Judge Mike Morgan
N.C. Court of Appeals (Dietz seat): Judge Vince Rozier
N.C. Court of Appeals (Zachary seat): Judge Rickye McKoy-Mitchell
N.C. Court of Appeals (Hunter seat): Judge Robert N. Hunter, Jr.
N.C. Court of Appeals (Stephens seat): Judge Linda Stephens
N.C. Court of Appeals (Geer seat): Judge Margaret Eagles

Click here to download a sample ballot for your district.

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