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Don’t Let Sneaky Politicians Rig N.C. Governor’s Election After Voters Have Spoken

Last week, after massive statewide recounts, the N.C Board of Elections finally certified Roy Cooper had won the N.C. Governor’s election. On Dec. 5, Pat McCrory conceded the election. McCrory, in a video message, said it was time to “celebrate our democratic process and respect what I see to be the ultimate outcome of the closest North Carolina governor’s race in modern history.”

The people of North Carolina thought we could all finally move on… but we were wrong.

Yesterday the N.C. General Assembly, in a last-minute special session, introduced 28 bills aimed at subverting the will of N.C. voters and limiting the powers of Gov.-elect Roy Cooper. This is an unprecedented, last minute power grab by defeated Gov. Pat McCrory and some Republican legislators, who want to steal the N.C. governor’s election from the people of North Carolina who democratically elected Roy Cooper. Clearly, Pat McCrory and the General Assembly have no interest in celebrating our democratic process or respecting the outcome of this close race, despite what McCrory said just 10 days ago.

This attempt to sneakily pass legislation before the holidays – without opportunity for debate and without the public’s knowledge – ignores the will of North Carolina voters. It is quite possibly unconstitutional. But we can’t wait for the N.C. Supreme Court to decide whether or not these bills are constitutional as the General Assembly is also working to pack the court with justices who will allow this to happen.

We must act IMMEDIATELY to make sure these sneaky, underhanded bills do not become law. Call your state legislators first thing THURSDAY MORNING and tell them to oppose these bills. Let them know that N.C. voters will not stand for this kind of last minute, crooked politics. Ask them to respect the democratic process, instead of throwing up roadblocks to prevent Roy Cooper from doing the job he was elected to do.

Among other things, these bills, if passed, would:

  • Allow Pat McCrory, before he leaves office, to appoint a new chairman of the N.C. Industrial Commission. This person would serve a four-year term. The Industrial Commission is the court for workers’ compensation claims, and we expect anyone McCrory appoints to favor big businesses and insurance companies over injured workers.
  • Require the incoming governor’s cabinet appointments to be confirmed by the state senate.
  • Take away the incoming governor’s power to power to appoint certain State Board of Education and UNC Board of Trustees officials.
  • Take away the new governor’s ability to hire and fire some 1,200 political supervisory positions.

Don’t wait to make your voice heard on this important matter. This special session is expected to close this week, and lawmakers could vote on these bad bills as early as THURSDAY MORNING.

If you need help with what to say, consider this:

This is ______ calling from ______. I am extremely concerned about several bills pending before the General Assembly. Roy Cooper won the governor’s race, and to strip his authority is just wrong. I also oppose the last-minute partisan power grab by Gov. McCrory and certain legislators. North Carolina voters deserve to have their votes count. Can I count on you to vote against rigging this election after the voters have spoken?

To find out who represents you in the General Assembly and how to contact them, click here.

Also, contact these key legislators to oppose these underhanded bills.

Sen. Michael Lee: (919) 715-2525 or [email protected]
Rep. Ted Davis: (919) 733-5786 or [email protected]
Rep. Holly Grange: (919) 733-5830 or [email protected]
Senate President Pro Tempore Sen. Phil Berger: (919) 733-5708 or [email protected]
House Speaker Tim Moore: (919) 733-3451 or [email protected]

Please call these legislators immediately and ask them to respect our democratic process. You can leave a voicemail message after hours.

Phone calls are our best chance at stopping these bills from becoming law, but it is also helpful to send an email expressing your opposition. You can send an email to all state legislators at once using this website.

Because the Industrial Commission bill could affect so many of our clients who are injured workers, we also think it is important to make separate phone calls to the committee members who will be voting on it Thursday morning.

The Industrial Commission bill has been sent to the Senate Redistricting Committee. To stop it in its tracks please contact these committee members and voice your opposition. All can be reached through the General Assembly main switchboard at (919) 733-7928 during normal business hours. You can find their direct office telephone numbers and email address for them here.

Sen. Bob Rucho
Sen. Chad Barefoot,
Sen. Dan Blue
Sen. Harry Brown
Sen. Ben Clark
Sen. Joel D. M. Ford
Sen. Kathy Harrington
Sen. Ralph Hise
Sen. Brent Jackson
Sen. Michael V. Lee
Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
Sen. Shirley B. Randleman
Sen. Norman W. Sanderson
Sen. Jane W. Smith, Sen. Smith-Ingram
Sen. Trudy Wade
Sen. Andy Wells
If the bill passes the redistricting committee it will then go to the Finance Committee, whose members are listed below. All can be reached through the General Assembly main switchboard at (919) 733-7928 during normal business hours. You can find their direct office telephone numbers and email address for them by here.

Co-Chairman Sen. Bill Rabon
Co-Chairman Sen. Bob Rucho
Co-Chairman Sen. Jerry W. Tillman
Vice Chairman Sen. David L. Curtis
Vice Chairman Sen. Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.
Vice Chairman Sen. Ronald J. Rabin
Sen. John M. Alexander, Jr.
Sen. Chad Barefoot
Sen. Tamara Barringer
Sen. Dan Blue
Sen. Andrew C. Brock
Sen. Harry Brown
Sen. Angela R. Bryant
Sen. Ben Clark
Sen. Bill Cook
Sen. Warren Daniel
Sen. Don Davis
Sen. Jim Davis
Sen. Joel D. M. Ford
Sen. Kathy Harrington
Sen. Ralph Hise
Sen. Jeff Jackson
Sen. Brent Jackson
Sen. Tom McInnis
Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
Sen. Wesley Meredith
Sen. E. S. (Buck) Newton
Sen. Louis Pate
Sen. Norman W. Sanderson
Sen. Jeff Tarte
Sen. Terry Van Duyn
Sen. Waddell
Sen. Trudy Wade
Sen. Andy Wells
As we learn more about the progress of these bills, we’ll do our best to keep you informed on our blog at We also recommend that you follow news coverage at WRAL and the News & Observer.

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