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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation law

Workers’ compensation is a legal system set up to help if you are injured at work or develop a health problem as a result of your job. In North Carolina, all employers with three or more employees are required by law to have a workers’ compensation policy. The system provides for weekly payments to cover loss of earning, medical expenses and rehabilitation of anyone injured at work.

WCL.Seal_-e1364221566805We understand that every workers’ compensation claim is different, and we use an individualized approach that’s
right for you and your case as we handle every aspect of your workers’ compensation claim.

When it comes to justice for our workers’ compensation clients, money isn’t our only goal. There’s a lot more to a workers’ compensation claim than receiving a fair financial settlement. We’re also concerned with our clients’ health and their overall well-being.

From the moment we accept your case, the Deuterman Law Group will actively manage every aspect of this complex and time-consuming process to ensure you receive the justice you deserve.

For us, that means helping you:

  • Obtain all necessary medical treatment. — We’re familiar with medical providers in the area, and we’ll monitor your treatment to ensure you’re receiving the best possible care for your injury or illness.
  • Obtain maximum weekly compensation — We’ll confirm that you’re receiving the correct amount in your temporary disability check.
  • Communicate with your employer and their insurance company. — We’ll supervise the process to make sure your insurance company and your employer are complying with state law.
  • Understand other benefits that may available from your employer. — When applicable, we’ll seek other benefits, including short-term and long-term disability, pension, retirement, accident insurance and others.
  • Communicate with your medical case manager. — We’ll confirm their role and degree of authority when you go in for doctors’ appointments.
  • Communicate with vocational rehabilitation personnel. — We’ll confirm what their role should be in helping you look for a job, and also assure you’re not being forced back to work before you’re ready.
  • Formulate a comprehensive strategy for obtaining the maximum settlement over time. — We’ll help you maximize the total amount of compensation due to you from all possible sources during and after your recovery.

If you need help with a workers’ compensation claim, call the Deuterman Law Group today toll-free at 1-866-373-1130.

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