A Letter from Dan: 2018 NC Voting Guide

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Dear Client:

A lot of our friends, and our clients, have told us that they would like to be better informed about candidates running for public office in the important Nov. 6. General Election.  So, I have included in this letter a list of judicial and legislative candidates that I believe will best support and defend the rights of the PEOPLE of North Carolina, rather than big corporations, insurance companies and special interests.

The judicial races are extremely important to the rights of working people. We need North Carolina Court of Appeals Judges and Supreme Court Justices who are fair to all sides in their interpretation of laws that effect North Carolina workers.  The following judges are very qualified and have been endorsed by many groups interested in preserving the rights of workers.

North Carolina Court of Appeals

You will have the option of voting for candidate for several seats on the court of appeals. These are our endorsements for those seats

Seat 1: John S. Arrowood

Seat 2: Tobias “(Toby)” Hampson  or Jefferson Griffin

Seat 3: Allegra Katherine Collins  

North Carolina Supreme Court

For the N.C. Supreme Court, we endorse Anita Earls

All judges are now required to run partisan races and will be identified on the ballot with their respective parties. The position of judicial candidates on the ballot is easy to overlook, because they are listed separately from the County, State and Federal races for which you will be voting. Make sure you cast a vote in these important races. I certainly hope you will consider supporting the candidates we have endorsed above.

N.C. General Assembly

We have also reviewed the platforms and records of candidates running for the N.C. General Assembly. At the end of this email, you’ll find our endorsements for candidates running for the N.C. Senate and the N.C. House of Representatives.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Finally, I wanted to talk about one of the six proposed constitutional amendments that are on the ballot in North Carolina this year. After reviewing these amendments at length, I believe that the amendment, which allows the legislature to fill judicial vacancies, is wrong and should be opposed.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide you with information about the upcoming General Election.  I believe that this list of judicial and legislative endorsements is a list of the candidates that will best represent the PEOPLE of North Carolina.  I recommend that you print out this endorsement list to take with you to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Feel free to make copies for your friends and family and encourage them to vote on Election Day, November 6, 2018.


Daniel L. Deuterman


N.C. General Assembly Endorsements

N.C. Senate

Valerie P. Foushee
District 23

JD. Wooten
District 24

Helen Probst Mills
District 25

William “Bill” McCaskill
District 26

Michael Garrett
District 27

Gladys Robinson (Incumbent)
District 28

Cheraton Love
District 29

Jen Mangrum
District 30

John Motsinger
District 31

Paul Lowe (Incumbent)
District 32

Arin Wilhelm
District 33

Beniah McMiller
District 34

Mark E. Shelley
District 36

Andy Wells
District 42

Wesley Keith Luther
District 45

Warrant Daniel
District 46

N.C. House of Representatives

Graig R. Meyer (Incumbent)
District 50

Lowell Simon
District 52

Robert T. Reives (Incumbent)
District 54

Verla C. Insko (Incumbent)
District 56

Ashton Clemmons
District 57

Amos Quick (Incumbent)
District 58

Steven A. Buccini
District 59

Cecil Brockman (Incumbent)
District 60

Mary “Pricey” Price Harrison (Incumbent)
District 61

Martha R. Shafer
District 62

Erica McAdoo
District 63

Elliot Lynch
District 64

Michael H. Lee
District 65

Mary Rulli
District 70

Evelyn Terry (Incumbent)
District 71

Derwin L. Montgomery
District 72

Terri Elizabeth LeGrand
District 74

Dan Besse
District 75

Jim Meredith
District 78

Jerry E. Langley
District 79

Wendy B. Sellars
District 80

Lewie Phillips
District 81

John Worth Wiles
District 90

Michael Booth
District 91

Ray Russell
District 93

Dianne Little
District 94

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