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Deuterman Law Group Corporate review summary

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0on Facebook,Dec 04, 2019

Pam Trijillo

I fought 4 years for my disability. I finally found the Deuterman Law Group and they helped me get approved. Best attorneys I've ever had.

5on Google,Nov 20, 2019


Everyone there is always nice when you call or walk in, they helped me through a worker’s comp claim and they treated me as family, I would definitely use them again if I ever need them and I will definitely recommend them to everyone, big thanks to Vanessa and Zach for all your hard work to make me feel better about my claim, thanks y’all.

5on BirdEye,Nov 19, 2019


Best people that I have found that help me understand workers comp, everyone in the office there made me and my family feel like we all were family. I would like to thank Vanessa Zack for all their had work to get me through the workers comp and for answering my questions and bringing the lawyer talk to a normal person talk, they really do bring it to normal level understanding. I will always recommend y’all to everyone I know. Thank y’all for everything.

5on Google,Nov 14, 2019


Amazing people and very helpful with your law needs.

5on Google,Nov 08, 2019


Best disability law group in Forsyth county!

5on Google,Nov 06, 2019


I can't thank Dan Deuterman enough!!! It took a while to get my settlement, but during the time between getting it, we became homeless, waiting for the money to come in!!! Well, Dan found out, and said that he was NOT going to let us be homeless; and it was winter time, and have to stay in the cold...Soooooo, Dan asked my husband and I to come to the office. We had found an apartment, but didn't have the money to pay for the deposit. Dan asked for the name of the realtor, that had the apartment, called the company to get all information needed, and handed us an envelope, with a check for the deposit on the apartment!!! I figured that he would deduct the amount from my settlement, when it came in, but Dan said... Absolutely Not!!!! He would NOT let us pay him back... Dan is a very caring person!!! I have seen where he gives to the community around him...helps with food, for school children to eat on the weekend, when school is closed!!! He also helps raise money for those who are fighting a disease, and need help with medical expenses!!! Dan Deuterman, is all in all...a GREAT guy!!! God bless you, Dan... for all YOU do, for others!!! You know what; Dan, You have the... Big Name, and The Big Company, that everyone is familiar with... BUT...God has gifted you, with a BIG HEART, for people that are hurting!!! Thank You, Mr. Dan Deuterman, for allowing God to use you, to help those who are less fortunate then you!!! You have truly been a Blessing to me and my family, as we struggled through the lawsuit...though it took some time, and some patience...my settlement finally came through! If not for YOU, we would have been living on the streets, during a bitter winter... with no place to call home!!! Thank You, again, Dan... for your kind words and encouragement, during a time that seemed blek, and lonely, and I wanted to give up!!! We were COLD, and I was SICK, and the lawsuit took longer than expected!!! But, YOU seen our struggle, and seemed to feel our pain! When we felt like ALL HOPE WAS GONE, YOU kept on pushing us through, with YOUR WORDS... and YOUR ACTIONS!!! YOU were bound and bent, that we would not be homeless, or living in an outbuilding, with no heat, no water, no bathroom...in the winter time!!! I pray God's blessings, upon YOU and YOUR COMPANY, and FOR ALL, who are employed by you!!!!! I encourage ANYONE, who has a need for a lawyer, to consider "The Deuterman Law Group"!!! Dan Deuterman is a REAL PERSON, who cares about REAL PEOPLE, with REAL PROBLEMS!!! He will treat you with RESPECT, and DIGNITY, as he helps you to solve the answer to your problem, with DELAGENCE & PATIENCE!!! Remember... You are Not Alone, with Dan Deuterman, by your side!!! I have been BLESSED, to have met... Dan Deuterman, the Lawyer... And DOUBLEY BLESSED, to have met... Dan Deuterman, the Man!!! With Sincere Gratitude, Lisa R. Whitt Lisa M. Whitt

5on Google,Nov 02, 2019


Very very friendly people

5on Google,Oct 17, 2019


There are lots of lawyers these days advertised on television. Deuterman Law Group is the best in the business. Michelle went to court with me and won my disability case quickly and efficiently. Michelle is a top-notch lawyer in a high-class Law Group. Look no further.

5on Google,Oct 12, 2019


Great Law firm......they always keep you on the know

4on Google,Oct 10, 2019


Great food, nice people

0on Facebook,Oct 10, 2019


This law firm is excellent. They helped me settle a previous claim and are currently helping me with one now. I enjoy working with Michael, Zach, Allyson, and Sheldon. They are all a big help! Definitely recommend!

5on Google,Oct 10, 2019


Professional representation. They handled every aspect of my claim quickly and efficiently.

5on BBB,Oct 10, 2019


Trustworthy, professional, goes above and beyond. Can’t praise highly enough!

5on Google,Oct 09, 2019


After my accident I did as they told me and focused on getting better. My attorney and paralegal did all the work and more to make sure I could get so help financially and the hospital didn't get all of it. Thank you attorney Michele Cybulski and Paralegal Stephanie Barron.... for all your hard work. Thanks

4on BBB,Oct 07, 2019


As for the service it was great, but I didn't appreciate the fact I had to share the payoff of two .service vendors with a total of about $ 420.00 That was the reason I retain your law group was to make me whole, likeDan D******** did for me before. I guess he didn't have time to handle my need.

0on Facebook,Oct 03, 2019


When I came to the office for the first time, I was scared, unsure, and didn’t know what my rights were as an injured worker. I met with Juliette who put me at ease, explained how I could be helped and eliminated my worry. Jack was my attorney and he was very thorough and patient with me. As I’d never been through the workers comp process, this team walked me step by step. I felt cared for and reassured that my injury and claim was valid. Thank you for all you did.

5on Google,Oct 02, 2019


The best🌟

5on Google,Sep 30, 2019


All people I worked with were great. Micheal, Ben,Julie all helped me with my cases. Thank you all.

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