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VA Changing Process for Handling PTSD Disability Claims

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Interesting reading from the Associated Press about the Department of Veterans’ Affairs plans to reform the way it handles disability claims from veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Moved by a huge tide of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress, Congress has pressured the Department of Veterans Affairs to settle their disability […]

Disabled Still Face Long Wait for Disability Benefits

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New Jersey has The Boss, The Sopranos and Snooki — and apparently one of the lengthiest backlogs for Social Security Disability claims. According to a report at NJ.com, a new survey from Allsup reveals: The average New Jerseyan will wait as long as 16 months before a hearing to determine whether they are eligible for […]

Medical documentation is one key to winning a SSDI claim

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Most disabled people will learn that hard way how long it can take to begin collecting Social Security Disability benefits. Applying for SSDI is a lengthy process and most claims are initially denied. Paul Proto, who has been representing Social Security Disability claimants for more than 30 years, offers an insider’s view into what it […]

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