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¿Qué beneficios de indemnización por accidente laboral se encuentran disponibles?

¿Qué beneficios de indemnización por accidente laboral se encuentran disponibles?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of what lies ahead after you’ve been injured at work, you might be asking yourself, «Why should I file for workers’ compensation?» The biggest reason is the range of what workers’ compensation benefits are available with an award. These benefits will ensure that your rights are protected and your bills get paid while you adjust to your changed circumstances.

What workers’ compensation benefits are available:

First and foremost, workers’ compensation covers the costs of medical care for the injury or illness in question. Considering how quickly medical costs can add up even for those with sufficient health insurance, this compensation can be crucial for making sure you get all the medical care and treatments you need to make as full a recovery as possible.

Second, workers’ compensation replaces income lost because you’re no longer able to work. Generally speaking, workers’ compensation pays two-thirds of your average wage up to a certain maximum amount that depends on the year in which you were injured. Even though this income is tax-free, it can be tough to make ends meet so you need to be sure you are getting paid everything you are entitled to. Calculating your average weekly wage can be difficult and is often done incorrectly by the insurance company.

If you’ve been seriously injured, you may not be able to go back to the type of work you’ve always done. Workers’ compensation can provide you with the retraining you require to get your life «back to normal» and to get you back to earning wages, as quickly as possible.

Even if you are able to return to your regular job, you may have suffered a permanent disability, which requires a disability rating.  In that case, you are entitled to compensation for your permanent disability, but often doctors disagree about how much the permanent disability rating should be, so it makes sense to speak with an attorney before accepting any final payment.

However, workers’ compensation doesn’t include coverage for pain and suffering.

Finally, you should know that workers’ compensation provides benefits to your loved ones if you’re killed on the job, thus easing the financial burden placed on them, including burial expenses.

You may or may not be entitled to all of the benefits that are available under workers’ compensation law. By working with an attorney who focuses in workers’ compensation law, you can maximize your chances of getting all the benefits that you deserve – rather than being forced to settle for a lesser amount. In workers’ compensation cases, legal skill and experience can make a significant difference in financial outcome, especially when claims are disputed.


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