SB10 IS a Power Grab

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Here’s an update on Senate Bill 10, which seeks to allow Gov. Pat McCrory to remove all workers’ comp judges from office, as well as appointed members of other state commissions. These include the Utilities Commission, Environmental Management Commission, Coastal Resources Commission, Lottery Commission and Wildlife Resources Commission.

SB10 passed its first reading in the N.C. House of Representatives this week, and it was referred to committee before being put up for a vote in front by the full state House.

In a report this week by WRAL, McCrory said he expects «major modifications» to the bill before it is put to a vote by the House. Even so, the intent is to give McCrory unprecedented power to clean house and to appoint people who share his political viewpoint to these jobs.

In the case of the workers’ comp court, we expect him to appoint judges biased in favor of the insurance companies and big businesses that helped get him elected, not unbiased judges who will apply the state’s workers’ comp laws fairly.

Never before has a N.C. governor fired entire commissions before. Workers comp court judges and other state commissions have always been allowed to fulfill their terms, even when there has been a change of party in the governor’s mansion.

So that’s why we have a hard time believing McCrory when he says SB is not a power grab, as he told WRAL.

McCrory and Republican lawmakers would then be able to reappoint board members who agree with their philosophy, essentially clearing out Democrats and other dissenters whose terms haven’t yet expired.

«I’m not interested in attaining extra power,» McCrory said, «but I am interested in reducing the size of many of these committees because many of them are so large they’re not workable or productive and they cost a lot of money.»

The purpose of most commissions needs to be re-examined to ensure they have the right «talent» to do their jobs, he said.

Please contact your state representatives and ask them to vote no on Senate Bill 10. You can find out who represents you here.

Please call the governor, as well, at (919) 733-5811 to tell him you oppose this bill and blatant power grab.

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