Proceso de Reclamos por Discapacidad de Veteranos

Beneficios de Veteranos,

Proceso de Reclamos por Discapacidad de Veteranos

Once a veteran has applied for disability benefits, there’s a process that will normally occur to get the veteran their due compensation.

Proceso de Reclamos por Discapacidad de Veteranos

The process of veterans’ disability dispensation follows this protocol:

1. The Claim is Received

The process of compensation begins upon the Veterans Benefit Administration’s (VBA) receipt of the application for compensation. If the veteran applied in the regular mail, the process may take a few weeks, but in general (according the Veterans Benefit Administration Office) the process begins around one week after receipt of the veteran’s application for benefits.

2. Under Review

Once the VBA receives the veteran’s application for benefits the VBA will place the file under a “review” status. During this time, the VBA will determine whether or not compensation will be awarded to the veteran and, if compensation is awarded, the VBA will decide how to dispense the veteran’s compensation.

3. Gathering of Evidence

Before a final decision is made, and during the review process, the veteran should provide evidence of:

  • the veteran’s disability (based on medical or insurance records);
  • proof that the disability is service connected; and
  • evidence of the veteran’s discharge status.

4. Review of Evidence

During this phase, the VBA will review and discuss all of the evidence and pass the evidence to the committee for a final decision.

5. Preparation for a Decision

During this phase, the VBA will recommend a decision. The amount awarded in the decision is based on the quality of the evidence.

6. Pending Decision Approval

In this stage, a final decision is written.

7. Preparation for Notification

In this stage, officials prepare a formal statement notifying the veteran of the VBA’s final decision regarding the veteran’s application for benefits.

8. Completion

The VBA considers a veteran’s application for benefits complete only when the packet of information, and the VBA’s decision, is sent to the applicant with a clear explanation of the VBA’s decision and the evidence on which the VBA based their decision.

Usually it takes the VA six months or more to reach a decision.  The reason it takes six months or more is because the VA is severely underfunded, resulting in delays at every step in the process.

Legal Options

If your application for VA benefits was denied, call us at the Deuterman Law Group.  At the Deuterman Law Group, we fight hard for those who fought for us.  We can appeal your claim for VA benefits.  We can also help you get Social Security benefits.  We look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions. Call us today for a free consultation.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can start working to get you the benefits you deserve.

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