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Deuterman Law Group Corporate review summary

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5on BirdEye,May 21, 2018


I'm a senior citizen who has never needed the services of a legal advocate...until recently. Right out of the gate, Michael Broome represented my interests in an aggressive and professional fashion. He was consistently responsive to my email inquiries, which I personally found to be a very efficient way of doing business. My questions never went unanswered for very long...he was on top of it. My "let's get this done" style fit very well with Michael's style. Michael's Certified Paralegal, Anna Edelen, is second to none. As Michael's assistant, Anna stays on top of the details and keeps the "train on the track". They are a great legal team who comes highly recommended.

5on Facebook,May 15, 2018


I am so glad that I hired Deuterman Law Group for my workman's comp case. The case has been settled and I am very happy with the out come. My lawyer, Michael Broome, is experienced in this type case and he knows the law! He did a great job and made sure I was happy. He took the stress off my back and I felt more confident in knowing that he was on my side. Ashley Twichell, the paralegal, also did a great job. She stayed in touch with me and kept me updated. She always answered my questions and took care of my paper work. I was so stressed until I hired Deuterman. If you ever need a good lawyer for workman's comp, call Deuterman and ask for Michael Broome. Thank you so much Deuterman Law Group!!

5on BBB,May 09, 2018


Very professional, yet very personable

5on Google,May 09, 2018


Hello Good Afternoon I would like to tell you all about a very professional, yet very caring law firm and that firm is Deuterman Law Group .I was looking for an attorney that did not have all the gimmicks I have been through with other attorneys , or seen on television . I kept seeing Mr. Deuterman and Mr Broome and other associates on television ,so I googled the office to see where it was and it was a great location for me .I called and was able to get a appointment the next day .When got there the receptionist was so friendly ,and asked me if I wanted something to drink or could she do anything for me ,ask I was seated waiting for Paralegal Allyson Bowers everyone that passed by me was so friendly.I met with Allyson Bowers she explained everything to be, asked me if I had any questions ,let me know all the next steps that would be take place. My next step was to meet with my attorney which was Mr. Micheal Broome. I was amazed when I met with Mr. Broome he discuss everything to a level I could understand, asked me if i had and questions ,told me how my my case would more then likely go ,do to his experience of doing cases like mine. Every time I needed to communicate with my paralegal or attorney I could , whether it was phone or e-mail,see through my past experiences dealing with attorneys I could never communicate with them until it was at the end ,but at Allyson Bowers and Micheal Broome always kept in contact with me through the whole time . My cases went just asked Micheal Broome had told me it would go and he always made me if that it was totally up to me how I wanted my case to go .Thank you Mr. Deuterman for having such a wonderful staff.Special thanks to Allyson Bowers and Micheal Broome you all are the best.So pleasure I came to DEUTERIUM LAW GROUP!!!!!

5on Facebook,May 07, 2018


Let me start by saying, this is the first review I have ever done. The Deuterman Law Group has been a positive Life Changing experience for me. This was the first, and hopefully the last time I have ever been injured to this magnitude. I initialy contacted Deuterman Law Group on a consulting basis. There were so many things I was not understanding about my Worker's Comp claim. Michael Broome was my first contact. He spent a considerable amount of time with me on this consultation. I felt confident and comfortable enough to retain the group as my new Life Line. Michael Broome, Dan Deuterman, ( Attornies) Andy Discepoli, Anna Edelen, (Paralegals) were there for me with every question. As a Construction Supervisor, I was immediately impressed with the quality and decor of their Office Building in Greensboro. Upon Mediation Day, Michael was right there with me, for most of a day, consulting, explaining and mediating. I was very pleased with the final outcome. Now, my new life, is a very exciting adventure for me. What seemed, at the time, a very unfortunate accident and situation has turned into a Master Plan by a Power much Higher. Things are Always Working Out for Me. Many thanks and appreciations to Michael and the group. Very sincerely, Doug Stone

5on Google,May 07, 2018


I love the group!!!The lawyer who handled my personal injury case Mrs.cylbulski ( I think I misspelled it) and Mrs. Artis were magnificent!!! I couldn't ask for a greater team!!!They took their time to assure me the best settlement...and that they did. I wanna Thank them both for their expertise and dedication for the cause. I won't ask for a better team... Thank You Dan for the team of excellence.... . Yours truly Hilton Ralph

5on Google,May 04, 2018


Deuterman Law group made the workers compensation legal process easy and any questions I had where answered in a timely manner. I will send more clients there way.

5on BBB,May 03, 2018


I was very pleased with DLG. They were professional, polite, understanding and very accomodating to my work schedule. I am adept at electronic communications (e-mail) . They sensed that very quickly. There were no unnecessary phone interactions,which can often result in "phone tag" as one party or the other is unavailable to take the call. My case interactions went very smoothly via e-mail for the majority of it.

5on BBB,May 02, 2018


After an accident, trying to deal with the insurance company was more of a pain than it should be. I was flooded by lawyers advertising to represent me, but I didn't get one from Deuterman Law Group. When I started working with them, everything was explained in detail and in a way that I knew exactly what to expect and what would happen. Even with the time that it took to settle out the case, and get everything handled, the team at Deuterman was always a phone call or email away to answer my questions, no matter how strange or "common sense" they were. I can't recommend these folks highly enough! They made what was becoming a painful, confusing, and just downright hostile process a breeze for me, and I am very grateful to them for that.

5on BirdEye,May 02, 2018

Anthony D

Greatest decision I made was contacting Deuterman Law to handle my workers comp and then to handle my disability claim. It has been a hard wait of 1 1/2 years and without the friendly and caring talks with Ashley Hilchey it would have been worse. Ashley was reassuring and able to get my nerves calmed and she worked hard to get my case expedited. If I ever need legal help in my future you can bet I am coming right back to Deuterman. A big thank you Ashley Hilchey for everything you did for me which was above and beyond what you were obligated to do and I am grateful to have had you on my side.

5on Google,May 02, 2018


I love how involved everyone is when you call to ask questions or to follow up before and after the case. If who ever that is working on your case isn't available they will put you with someone else that works on the same cases and you get anything you need answered. I will definitely go back if I ever need an attorney! I love you guys💓

5on BBB,May 02, 2018


I am on the third case that they have handled for me. Deuterman Law are very respondent to me and my needs during the entire process. They are my go to for anything that is injury related.

5on Facebook,May 01, 2018


Ashley Hilchey has been so helpful with my claim,not only extremely professional, but also a friendly voice when I just need to go over a few notes,to keep me calm if I have concerns. Thanks so much.-- Jeffrey Dunlap.

5on Google,May 01, 2018


Since we started on my case Deuterman Law Group has supported me during the whole process. Anytime I have had any questions I have contacted Ashley Hilchey and she would either answer my question or call me back with the information I needed in a very short time. It has always been a pleasure when talking with anyone from the Deuterman Law Group.

5on BirdEye,May 01, 2018


Martin Robinson are experience was and still great I'm a person who don't like too abmitt complete defeat.i would bee in a wheelchair by now.my company had me working at a thrift store.i was bed ridden week's at a time Michael broom made me think rationally that this was not healthy. Long story short they saved my life.

4on Facebook,Apr 30, 2018

William Samuel

I can Truly say that I was Well Pleased with how my Disability disputes has Been Handled. Ashley Hilchey I Love You. You ha e been the Best Consultant that I’ve EverHas. If I Ever Meed the Help For anything Else I Will Be Sure To go to this Firm. I Will Personally Request Mrs Hilchey. You’re the Bestest Mrs Hilchey and MAY JESUS BLESS YOU AND YOURS �����

5on Facebook,Apr 28, 2018


I highly recommend Deuterman Law group! I got my disability on the first go round, no need to appeal. My paralegal, Julia Lane, was awesome. She returned my calls quickly, and would answer any questions I would have for her about my disability or the process. Will definitely return to them if I ever need legal help again.

5on Facebook,Apr 27, 2018


I'd like to give a big thanks to Tim Hewlett for his determination, persistence, and hard work on my settlement. Even though everything isn't completely finalized, today's outcome is nothing less than great. It's a relief knowing that I can get some help ( surgery ) for my back that I've been needing for some time now. I'm very pleased with today's outcome and would recommend him and the Deuterman Law group to anyone in need of their services.

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