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Why You Might Need a Dashboard Camera in Your Vehicle

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While we most often think of dash cams as something used by law enforcement, more drivers are realizing the value of installing a dashboard camera in their vehicles. In the case of a wreck, dashboard camera footage can be invaluable in showing how the collision occurred and who is at fault, especially if a driver […]

What to Do if You Are Involved in an Auto Accident

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The pandemic has changed how police and law enforcement agencies are responding to certain types of auto accidents. It also means that drivers and passengers need to take extra precautions, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance, while also making sure that the injured are cared for and appropriate evidence and insurance information are […]

Driverless cars: What do they mean for insurance rates and accident liability?

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Are driverless cars, also known as autonomous cars, still the future? A few years ago it seemed highways of self-driving cars was imminent. However after some setbacks, including a class action lawsuit against Tesla Motors over their autopilot system and a fatal crash involving a pedestrian and an Uber autonomous vehicle, it seems some of […]

Understanding your auto insurance policy – Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Today we’re sharing a guest post from the N.C. Advocates for Justice about the importance of having Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage as part of your auto insurance policy. You can learn more about the different types of auto insurance coverage and understanding your policy in these articles: How to Read Your Insurance Policy Don’t Skip This […]

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