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What you need to know about ride sharing services and the law

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When the transportation app Uber was officially launched in 2011, it was both praised for providing consumers with easier and less expensive transportation options and criticized as unfair competition and dangerous. Fans of the service, and the similar app Lyft, immediately liked the cheaper fares and the ease of using their smartphone to arrange pick-ups. […]

Driverless Cars Raise Big Legal & Insurance Issues

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Driverless Cars Raise Big Legal & Insurance Issues Driverless cars have the potential to make roads safer and save lives, according to the companies pursuing this cutting-edge technology. But when there’s no one at the wheel, big legal questions arise. When a driverless can causes a crash, who is legally liable? The Washington Post called that […]

Your social media posts may impact your workers’ comp or injury case

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“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” If you’ve watched any cop shows or movies, you’re probably familiar with those words. While Miranda rights only apply in criminal cases, those words are true even in civil cases. What you say to the insurance adjuster, to your friends, […]

Penalties for Texting While Driving

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A 13-month-old North Carolina girl was killed in a Christmas day car wreck that police originally thought was caused by texting and driving. Originally, police in Wadesboro charged the girl’s father with texting and driving, alleging he sent a text message saying “Merry Christmas” just moments before the crash that killed his daughter and seriously […]

End distracted driving — turn off your phone

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Texting while driving is dangerous. Deadly even. We’d like to encourage all drivers to participate in Two-Second Turnoff today — and every day after — every time you get behind the wheel of a car. Two-Second Turnoff Day is a joint campaign by Seventeen magazine, the U.S. Department of Transportation and AAA aimed at getting […]

Sharing the Road – Safety Tips for Cyclists and Drivers

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Tomorrow, Grayson Dawson of Eden is set to plead guilty in the hit-and-run death of cyclist David Sherman. Sherman’s death and the circumstances surrounding it have brought a lot of attention locally to cyclists rights and the dangers facing cyclists on our roadways. That’s one positive that has come from this horrible tragedy. According to […]

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