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Learning Center: Social Security Disability

Factors that Determine Social Security Disability Benefits

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Social Security Disability is a federal program that helps provide assistance to those workers who are unable to work because of a physical or mental illness or injury. Disability benefits include a monthly payment, much like Social Security retirement benefits, and either permit a person early access to Medicare coverage or entitle them to Medicaid. Although […]

What Are Social Security Work Credits?

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Social Security Disability is a federal program designed to give assistance to people with disabilities. Understanding Social Security Disability can be a daunting task. The strict guidelines, changing laws and unfamiliar terminology can create stress and confusion during an already difficult time. The concept of “work credits” and how they affect your eligibility to receive benefits […]

Social Security Disability Hearings During the Pandemic

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Though some businesses and services are reopening here in North Carolina, Social Security Administration offices remain closed because of the pandemic. This is impacting how the agency is handling Social Security Disability hearings for claims that have been denied. Hearings with Administrative Law Judges, which normally would be conducted in person (or by video if […]

Actress Shares MS Diagnosis and Brings Awareness to Disabling Condition

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Selma Blair, known for her roles in the hit movies “Cruel Intentions” and “Legally Blonde,” has recently gone public with her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. The 46-year-old actress was diagnosed in August 2018 after experiencing symptoms of the disease for seven years. In revealing her diagnosis, Blair wrote on Instagram: “I have Multiple Sclerosis. I […]

Social Security Disability and Short or Long Term Disability

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Can I get Social Security Disability Benefits if I am also getting short-term disability benefits or long-term disability benefits? That’s a question we hear often from our clients. If you are out of work due to mental or physical health problems, you may be receiving disability benefits under a private disability plan. These plans are […]

Can children get Social Security Disability benefits?

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If their parent is receiving disability benefits: Yes, when an adult has children under the age of 18, those children can also generally get monthly disability benefits based on their parent’s disability regardless of whether the child has any health problems. These benefits generally end when the child turns 18, but they can continue to […]

What if my Social Security Disability application is denied?

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What can I do if my Social Security Disability application is denied? Well, the first thing I would advise is to try not to take it personally and try not to panic. I know it can be alarming and disheartening when medical conditions have prevented you from working and the Social Security disability benefits you […]

Can I get Social Security Disability for Fibromyalgia?

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Does Social Security Disability Recognize Fibromyalgia as a Real Condition? Fibromyalgia is a frequently misunderstood and very real medical condition that affects a person with widespread pain throughout their body. It took the Social Security Administration a very long time to believe that statement. Only in 2012 did Social Security issue guidelines for how they […]

What happens at a Social Security Disability pre-hearing conference

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As we’ve explained here before, most people who apply for Social Security Disability are initially denied benefits. Many applicants must submit go through several appeals, waiting years and dealing with miles of red tape, before they get to the point where they can argue their case before a judge. If you are denied initially, your best […]

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