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How To Apply for Veterans Disability Benefits Compensation

How To Apply for Veterans Disability Benefits Compensation

The process of applying for VA disability compensation is straightforward. A veteran need only fill out the required paperwork with the Veterans’ Benefits Administration to initiate the process. In the past, the only way to do this was by U.S. postal mail. Today, veterans may apply online by visiting VOAA (Veterans’ Online Application). This site was designed specifically to aid veterans in their claim for VA benefits.

How to Apply by Mail

The Department of Veterans Affairs has created a publication that gives the specific instructions for applying for veterans’ benefits for those who prefer to apply via the U.S. mail. This document not only provides veterans with the proper forms to fill out to begin the process, but also gives a list of qualifying factors to receive veterans’ pension benefits as well.

Your Local VA Office

Another way to apply for, or to inquire about, veterans’ disability benefits and pensions is to visit a local Veterans’ Administration Office. A local or regional VA office is a branch of the Federal VA Office in Washington, D.C. and holds the same authority as the Washington VA office. The local or regional VA office can help a veteran determine the benefits to which the veteran is entitled, as well as, assist the veteran in filling out the appropriate forms and requirements to start the ball rolling on his/her application(s).

Paperwork Needed To Apply:

    • DD-214 discharge paperwork from service
    • Your medical records or names and addresses of your medical providers
    • Names, ages and Social Security Numbers of all your dependents
    • Banking information (for direct deposit of benefits)
  • Plan to spend at least 30 minutes, if not longer, filling out the necessary paperwork.

Legal Channels Regarding Benefits Applications and Compensation

If a veteran is denied benefits by their regional or local VA office, there are legal channels through which a veteran may pursue compensation.

In many cases, the veteran’s appeal of a denial of benefits is enough to start the appeals process. In other cases, a veteran may need to seek legal help to protect their rights and move the process forward.

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