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Are You Eligible for Veterans Disability Benefits if You Can Still Work?

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Here’s something many disabled veterans may not know: Even if one is working or able to work, eligibility for VA disability compensation may still be possible – even at the 100 percent evaluation level. For many VA claims, current employment or ability to work does not bar you from receiving benefits. In fact, it’s not […]

The Myth of “Requests for Reconsideration” in VA Benefits Claims

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Veterans routinely ask our Veterans Disability Benefits staff, “Why is the attorney filing a Notice of Disagreement for my claim? I was told by my previous representative to file a request for reconsideration and that it would produce results much faster.” My initial response to that inquiry almost always includes the phrase, “You should know […]

Help for veterans with PTSD

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What does the face of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) look like? For too many veterans, they simply have to look in the mirror to know the answer to this question. PTSD is a serious and very complex disorder that affects veterans as a result of the horrors of war, injury, or other in-service event that […]

VA Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome

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Frequently in my practice I meet veterans who have a variety of symptoms that can’t be attributed to a single cause. The vets go to doctors in and outside the VA who can’t easily figure out what is going on with their health, and they are often misdiagnosed as a result. The problems are very […]

Fixing the VA Benefits Backlog

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Recently, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs advised Congress that it must do something to reduce the time it takes for a veteran’s appeal for disability benefits to be resolved. As of January, an estimated 400,000 veterans had appeals pending with the Veterans Administration. It takes an average of 1,000 days — nearly three years — […]

New Hope for “Blue Water Navy” vets Exposed to Agent Orange?

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During the Vietnam War, 90,000 Navy vets served offshore and may have been exposed to Agent Orange. But they are not eligible for VA disability benefits for health problems they suffered as a result of that exposure. These sailors, who served on ships off the coast of Vietnam during the war, were initially eligible for […]

Wounded Warrior Project’s Spending Under Scrutiny

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The Wounded Warrior Project is the country’s largest veterans’ charity, but 40 percent of donations cover overhead, like salaries, travel and public relations. In 2014, $124 million went to overhead instead of to directly help wounded veterans. By comparison, the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust spends 96 percent of its budget on veterans; Fisher […]

VA to ask for more money for electronic veterans’ benefits claims processing

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An electronic, paperless filing and claims processing system that was supposed to eliminate the backlog for VA benefits by 2015 has whittled down the wait time for some disabled veterans. But the computer system that cost $1.3 billion to build still isn’t working as efficiently as promised, and the Department of Veterans Affairs plans to […]

DLG Launches New VA Disability Practice

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When your business is helping injured people, it hurts when you have to turn anyone away. That’s why we are launching a new practice today so we can help a very deserving group of injured people get the medical treatment and financial benefits they are guaranteed under the law. I am proud and pleased to […]

N.C. veterans can report problems with VA treatment via confidential hotline

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Undoubtedly, you have heard news reports about the VA scandal that has sparked a wide-ranging investigation into Department of Veterans’ Affairs treatment of veterans seeking health care and benefits. It’s a story of substandard care, scheduling nightmares and delayed life-saving medical procedures. And fear — with VA doctors, patients and many VA workers afraid to speak up for […]

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