Learning Center: Workers’ Compensation

FAQs: Workers’ Compensation

What must an employee do when an injury occurs?

Who provides and directs medical treatment?

What should I do if my employer doesn’t acknowledge my injury or doesn’t send me to a doctor for treatment?

What are the rules for chiropractic treatment?

Do I have to go to the doctor where the insurance company sends me?

When do I become eligible for lost wage compensation?

At what rate of pay are wage compensations made?

How long is the employee eligible to receive lost-time weekly benefits?

Are travel costs, such as mileage, to doctor’s appointment reimbursed?

Do I get compensation for pain and suffering?

What is partial disability?

Who determines partial disability?

Who is required to provide workers’ compensation coverage?

What happens when the employer refuses to acknowledge a workers’ compensation claim?

Who is my employers workers’ compensation insurance carrier?

Do I need an attorney?

What kind of attorney do I need? How do I choose an attorney?

How is my workers’ compensation claim settled?

How does workers’ compensation affect my Social Security benefits?

What happens at a workers’ compensation hearing?

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