Progressive’s underhanded treatment of accident victim’s family goes viral

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A blogger named Matt Fisher recently posted about his family’s treatment at the hands of Progressive Insurance: “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court.”

Fisher’s sister, Katie, was killed in 2010 in an auto accident when another driver ran a red light. The other driver was underinsured, but Katie carried Progressive insurance underinsured motorist coverage that should have kicked in and paid benefits to her family.

Katie Fisher and Matt Fisher and Progressive InsuranceSource

Only it didn’t because Progressive refused to accept that the other driver was at fault for the accident (even though his insurance company quickly accepted fault and settled with the dead woman’s family). Instead, Progressive refused to pay on the claim, forcing the family to take the other driver to court to prove his fault in the accident and force Progressive to do the right thing.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Progressive actively participated in the other drivers’ defense to avoid paying on the family’s claim. (Remember, Progressive was Katie’s insurance company; the other driver had insurance with another company.

According to a story by CNNMoney:

What really irked Fisher was that Progressive actively participated in the other driver’s legal defense. His scathing post about the debacle quickly went viral and turned into a social media nightmare for Progressive.

The company has spent several days trying to explain its actions. In its latest blog post, in which it announced the settlement, Progressive wrote that it “participated in the trial procedures on our own behalf while Nationwide represented the other driver.”

On Aug. 9, a jury found the other driver at fault.

After Fisher’s blog post when viral, resulting in a backlash agains the insurer,  Progressive settled with Katie’s family. We expect that is little solace after the hell the insurance company put them through.

Unfortunately what Fisher and his family went through are pretty typical insurance company tactics to avoid paying on legitimate claims. What a horrible injustice this family suffered at the hands of Progressive Insurance in their time of grief.

To read more about what the Fisher family endured at the hands of Progressive, start with Matt Fisher’s original blog post here, Progressive’s statement in response, Fisher’s response to that, the CNN story about the case and finally Matt Fisher’s post after the long-overdue settlement was announced.


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  1. johannG says:

    I completely agree it’s a horrible injustice for his family. Clearly, progressive insurance says a male, whose sibling was murdered in an auto accident, tried to get out of paying the $75,000 it owed on the claim. However, following a social media blitz, it probably has room for regret. Thus the Court of public opinion tries Progressive Insurance.

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