Tell Your State Senators to Vote for HB 813

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The N.C. General Assembly is considering important legislation that will impact anyone who is hurt in  in an automobile accident or suffers from a personal injury.

We need you to call, write or email your state senators as soon as possible and tell them to support HB 813, which would change the standard in personal injury cases from contributory negligence to comparative fault.

We’ll be writing more about this issue in the coming days, but here’s a quick primer on what’s at stake, courtesy of  North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

All of us expect our civil justice system to be fair, but in North Carolina it’s not. Unfortunately, insurance lobbyists want to keep it that way with empty scare tactics.

Our state is one of only four that clings to contributory negligence, a harsh and outdated way of denying help to people hurt in accidents. Under “contrib,” even if you are only 1% percent responsible for an accident, you cannot recover damages from someone 99% responsible.

Comparative fault, used in 46 states, allows people to recover damages from those most responsible for causing an accident. It’s a fair system that does not mean a rise in premiums.

The bipartisan House Bill 813 aims to introduce comparative fault as the new and improved law of the land. But insurance lobbyists are trying to stop this change by distorting the facts. Unlike what insurance lobbyists say, neighboring states with comparative fault have seen premium rates slow down.

Follow this link to find out who represents who in the state senate and how to get in touch with them.

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