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Update: Actions taken by DLG related to COVID-19

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To:             All DLG Clients

From:         DLD

Re:             Actions taken by DLG related to COVID-19

Date:          March 30, 2020

When we last contacted you 2 weeks ago, there were only a handful of COVID-19 cases in NC.  Now there are over 1,300 COVID-19 cases in NC, and there are over 80 cases in the Triad.  We in DLG management believe that the coronavirus will continue to become more prevalent in our state, and our local community, in the weeks and months to follow.  As such, we are doing everything we can to minimize the effect of the coronavirus on our clients and our operations.  To that end, we want to share with you what DLG has done to transition our operations into a “pandemic-proof posture” and how DLG will continue to operate safely and effectively in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

DLG Pandemic Operations

  • We have completely closed all DLG offices to the public and we have moved 65 of our 75 employee workforce to a “work from home” status.  (All of our employees that can work from home are now working from home.)
  • Luckily, the “stay at home” orders issued in the Triad exclude professional legal services.  So, DLG will be able to continue working on your cases just as we did prior to this pandemic.  Should this change, we will let you know.
  • DLG has negotiated a corporate account with DocuSign to allow our clients to eSign documents over the internet.  DocuSign will allow our DLG team to assist new and existing clients’ cases with less delay than it would normally take to have someone come into the office to sign paperwork.
  • We are immediately putting all client checks into trust so that expenses can be collected and checks cut back to the client and mailed out via priority mail.  So, our clients will get their money in a timely manner without having to come into the office.
  • In the event DLG has to completely close operations, but the post office is still working, we have arranged with our postal carriers to communicate with us via text so we know when the mail will arrive.  We will be able to process mail without unnecessary delay.
  • Despite all of the pandemic craziness, we continue to work on the new DLG Headquarters now being constructed on Lawndale Ave. in Greensboro, NC.  We anticipate that the new DLG Headquarters will be open for operations in the fall.

Good News

  • Statistics suggest that the “stay at home” provisions enacted across the country are slowing the rate of the spread of the virus.  So, stay home, watch DLG commercials and give us your feedback.
  • Being cooped up can be depressing, but find something constructive to do and stay positive!!!! It is a proven fact that positive thinking keeps your immune system strong.
  • Stay healthy by continuing to exercise, even if you are just walking.
  • Eat well, and if you have extra time at home, use some of your time to prep meals for the week.

What You Can Do

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