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An Invitation to Those Passionate About Helping Others.

At Deuterman Law Group, we’re passionate about improving lives and advocating for those who need help. We believe everyone deserves skilled representation and support in their legal situation. Right now, we’re expanding our team and looking for staff members who share our dedication to positive impact. If you’re someone who cares about improving the lives of others, we invite you to explore a career as a paralegal with us!

Your Experience Is Exactly What We Need

We recognize the valuable skills that candidates from diverse careers and backgrounds bring to the table. If you’ve worked in a field where empathy, advocacy, research, communication, and a commitment to helping others are central, a paralegal role with us might be an ideal fit. Past legal, office, or administrative experience is not a requirement.

We’re Committed To Helping People.

Like those drawn to careers in social services, education, and other caring professions, we’re passionate about making a difference. Everyone on our staff is part of a community dedicated to helping people overcome challenges and achieve justice. We take pride in our client success stories, where our efforts have made a tangible difference in their lives.

Who You Are Today Will Serve You as a Paralegal Tomorrow.

The core skills you’ve developed in your current or past career—whether in social services, teaching, or another helping profession—are perfectly suited for a paralegal role. Here’s how:

Client Interaction: Your experience engaging with diverse individuals provides a solid foundation for the effective communications required in our work.

Advocacy: Your background in advocating for others translates seamlessly into advocating for our clients’ rights and best interests.

Research: Your ability to gather, analyze, and apply information is crucial in legal research and case preparation.

Communication: Your talent for conveying complex information clearly and empathetically is invaluable in legal settings.

Empathy: Your kindness and compassion enables you to understand and support clients through challenging times.

Education and Background: Regardless of your specific major or educational path, classes developing analytical and writing skills have honed abilities essential for document preparation and case analysis.

Work/Life Balance Is A Priority.

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our generous PTO policies and emphasis on employee well-being ensure that our team members have the support they need to thrive both inside and outside the office.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits.

We value your expertise and commitment. Our competitive salaries and benefits packages reflect our dedication to your professional and personal growth.

Training and Support for Your New Career.

New to the field of law? Don’t worry – we provide extensive training and mentorship programs to ensure that you feel confident and supported in your role as a paralegal. You won’t be thrown in the deep end! Instead, you’ll have access to in-house training and ongoing support from experienced attorneys and staff members.

We Encourage Career Growth.

We’re committed to your development, offering clear paths for career advancement, specialization options, and even transitioning into attorney roles for those interested in further legal studies.

Join Us in Making a Difference

At Deuterman, we’re more than just a law firm. We’re a group of like-minded professionals dedicated to justice, community, and making a real difference. If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career where your passion for helping others can shine in new ways, we invite you to apply and join our team!

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Cada miembro de nuestro personal es único. Pero lo que todos tenemos en común es la pasión por la excelencia. En la forma en que vivimos, en la forma en que luchamos por nuestros clientes y en la forma en que trabajamos con nuestros colegas. Estamos ansiosos por escuchar a abogados y asistentes legales talentosos que se sientan como en casa en nuestro equipo.

Scott Henley, SHRM-SCP, Director de Recursos Humanos

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