Migraines and Invisible Disabilities

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Disability Benefits for Migraines

So this is the 10th Annual Invisible Disabilities Week. But what is an invisible disability? Well, it’s basically a medical condition that causes severe symptoms that you can’t see with your eye. Someone who has chronic migraines, for example, might not be able to work because their migraines are so severe and so frequent that they can’t leave their house multiple days per month. Did you know that there’s a specific social security regulation that just talks about migraines and how a judge should look at migraines and what criteria they should consider when finding the person is disabled or not disabled? One of the most important things that you can do if you suffer from chronic migraines is keep a calendar. Keep a calendar of your symptoms, how frequent they are, how severe they are, what your symptoms are, and make sure you take this to your doctor, whether it’s your primary care doctor or your neurologist. Take it and make sure they see it, because then it becomes part of your medical records.

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