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Intake Specialist Profile: Whitney

Interviewer: So tell me what an intake specialist is here at Deuterman Law Group.

Whitney: So an intake specialist is one of the first points of contact for our potential clients. It is our job to gather all of the information necessary for the attorneys to review to see if it’s a claim we’re able to assist with. And if it is a claim that we’re able to assist with, we’ll send out the initial documents to represent them. And then sometimes with clients we have to follow up with them, so we’ll keep up with that and keep up with their paperwork, things of that nature.

Interviewer: So what are some good skills to have in your position?

Whitney: So definitely good customer service skills—being able to listen, a self-starter, and definitely being compassionate is one of the main things.

Interviewer: What are some things that you love about working here at DLG?

Whitney: So I love working here. It’s been my favorite job that I’ve ever had. I love being able to help people. There is so much room to grow here, opportunities to grow. Also, the flexibility. I’ve never worked anywhere that is as accommodating as they are here and it’s understanding and everyone here is absolutely awesome to work with.

Interviewer: Well, thank you.

Whitney: Thank you. Have a great day.

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