N.C. Man Denied His Rightful Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability backlog has been widely covered in the media. We’ve blogged about the topic quite often here.

Statistics showing how deep the backlog is — as much as two years in some cases — are compelling. But it’s stories like that of Kevin Smith of Spindale, N.C., that illustrate why reform and improvements to the Social Security Disability system are so necessary.

Because of a bureaucratic mistake — a computer coding error — Smith failed to receive $14,000 in back pay after being approved for Social Security Disability benefits for his chronic neck and back problems.

It wasn’t until a local  television station made an inquiry that Smith got his money.

This TV station apparently gets a lot of request for help from Social Security Disability applicants for help regarding their claims. Their number one bit of advice (it’s ours too): Hire an attorney to assist with your clam.

Our attorneys and paralegals at the Deuterman Law Group know the Social Security Disability system inside and out, and we’ve handled countless cases. We know how to deal with the bureaucracy to get our clients the benefits that they deserve in as prompt a manner as possible.

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