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Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Injuries

Nursing Home Abuse

Beyond Bedsores: Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Injuries


Identify critical signs of nursing home abuse you cannot ignore like bruises, burns, cuts, and...

Attorney Chris Stevens

VA Benefits

Chris Stevens: Championing Veterans’ Rights as a Dedicated VA Attorney


How did you become a VA Attorney? Veterans Disability law wasn’t really on my radar...

Julie Vergara Duque

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Comp for Temp or Seasonal Workers


Are You a Seasonal Worker Who’s Been Hurt on the Job? One of the questions...

Our Community

Honoring Heroes: Deuterman Law Group Partners with High Point Rockers to Offer Row of Honor Seats to Each Home Game


Deuterman Law Group has partnered with the High Point Rockers baseball team to pay tribute...

Our Community

Carolina Core FC Announces Official Signature Partnership with Deuterman Law Group


Carolina Core FC, an independent club that will join MLS NEXT Pro in 2024, has...

Deuterman Law Group

Meet Laura, One of Our Firm Office Coordinators


Hear from Laura about what it means to be a firm office coordinator at Deuterman...

Deuterman Law Group

Meet Holden, One of Our Senior Paralegals


Holden shares what it's like to be a paralegal at Deuterman Law Group.

Deuterman Law Group

Meet Elleanna, One of Our Legal Assistants


Ever wonder what a legal assistant does? Elleanna is here to tell you.

Deuterman Law Group

Meet Whitney, One of Our Intake Specialists


Learn which skills Whitney recommends for an intake specialist.

Personal Injury

Meet Michelle, Our Senior Personal Injury Attorney


Michelle shares what it's like as an attorney at Deuterman Law Group.

Social Security Disability

Migraines and Invisible Disabilities


          View this post on Instagram          ...

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