Social Security Overpayments: What to Do?

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What to Do About an Overpayment from Social Security

If you’re receiving Social Security disability benefits, did you know that it’s your responsibility to make sure that the Social Security Administration knows if your finances change, or if you start working part-time? If Social Security miscalculates your benefits, even if it’s their fault, you could be hit with an overpayment even years later. CBS just did an exposé on overpayments and Social Security Administration, and luckily, the five families that were featured in the exposé, they all had their overpayments forgiven by Social Security after it aired. Unfortunately, the other 900,000 people who have been hit with overpayments, many that knew nothing about the fact that they were being paid incorrectly, will not be so lucky. If you’re working, or if you have had a change in finances, make sure that you let Social Security know so that they can hopefully process your benefits correctly.

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