Veterans (VA) Disability Lawyer

Military veterans signed a contract with our government, and by serving our country they fulfilled their end of the bargain.  If veterans are injured in service, then the US government must live up to its end of the bargain by providing medical care and financial compensation to veterans who were disabled while serving our country. If you’re a military veteran, you may be eligible for disability compensation – and it doesn’t matter how long ago you served. And since navigating the VA system is difficult, you’re wise to consider working with an experienced attorney.

If You Were Injured During Active Military Service, We Can Help

Disability claims can range from physical and emotional problems, to hearing loss and many other medical issues. To qualify, you’ll need to prove that your condition was caused or aggravated by your active military service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good your claim is; if it’s not packaged and presented the right way, the VA won’t approve it. At the Deuterman Law Group, we understand the VA system, and we know exactly what the appeal needs to say.

Keep in mind that most VA Disability claims are denied at first. But don’t give up – let us help prepare and file a successful appeal. Our experience offers the best chance of winning your claim and qualifying for all the VA disability benefits you deserve.

The Advantage of Working with the Deuterman Law Group

In addition to our VA Disability knowledge and experience, we put our integrity, values, and passion for justice ­into every case. Here’s how:

Our People

A law firm is only as good as its people, and our attorneys, paralegals and office staff are the best. As you’ll see, everyone works hard to make you feel at home and well cared for. You’ll always be treated with dignity and respect.

Our Philosophy

Our firm was founded on a philosophy of putting people first. In everything we do, our clients and their families take priority. We never forget that we’re dealing with people’s lives, finances and emotional wellbeing.

Our Community

We’re not defined just by the cases we win, but also by the good we do in our community. We donate our time and money to many worthy causes important to us, our clients and our employees. Click here to learn more about our community support and outreach activities.

Our Goal for You

If you have a VA Disability claim, our goal isn’t simply to win your case and collect a fee. Our goal is justice, which means ensuring you receive:

  • Maximum financial compensation for your injuries
  • The best medical care possible
  • The best psychological support
  • Access to other resources that will aid in your recovery

Our Differences Make Us Better

Our clients often tell us that we’re not what they expected from a law firm, and they mean it as a compliment. They’re consistently amazed that our people care about them, that we take the time to listen, and that we provide top-notch customer service. These compliments keep us motivated, and working hard for our clients.

Learn more about VA Disability

Knowledge is power, and you’ll find answers to many of your VA Disability questions right here in this section of our website. We’re committed to sharing information that will help with your claim, and we’re always glad to explain any details that aren’t immediately clear.

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