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How To Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

How To Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Technically, you don’t have to have a lawyer to you file your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. But since workers’ compensation law involves concepts you may be unfamiliar with, you should make sure you have some proven legal expertise and experience on your side. Generally speaking, hiring an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation is the best method for ensuring that your rights are protected.

Here’s how to apply for workers’ compensation:

Start by filing a claim for workers’ compensation as soon as possible after your injury at work. This is important because a long delay in filing will almost certainly lead to your claim being denied by your employer’s insurance company. If your injury is something that developed over time rather than all at once, you should file the claim as soon as you become aware that your injury or illness was caused by your work.

Naturally, you should inform your employer if you’re filing a claim for workers’ compensation. Notification of a work-related injury or illness should include information about the nature of your injury, as well as relevant details such as the cause, date, time, and place of the incident that caused the injury or illness. If you have witnesses who saw what happened, be sure to include their names in order to strengthen your claim.

Many lawyers offer a free consultation regarding your case in order to give you an informed assessment of whether or not you need their services. Generally speaking, the more complicated your case, the more likely you will need an experienced lawyer to look out for your interests. This is particularly true if your life has been permanently altered by your injury – meaning that you’ll need assistance in making a full adjustment – or if your case has been disputed by your employer and/or your employer’s insurance company. In either case, you’ll likely be in for a long and complicated struggle.

In contrast, if your injuries are minor enough that you haven’t suffered a permanent injury, you may be fine without an attorney. For example minor cuts, bumps, bruises, strains and scrapes, can usually be handled by onsite nurses or a single trip to an urgent care. However, you should remember that it never hurts to get an attorney’s expert opinion, particularly since workers’ compensation lawyers usually work on a contingency basis. At the Deuterman Law Group, we are happy to answer your questions and help you decide if you need a lawyer.

In summary, there is nothing to lose and much to be gained by calling a lawyer for a free consultation.  On the other hand, there is much to lose if you don’t call a lawyer. If you’re not sure how to proceed, please contact us at the Deuterman Law Group for a free consultation and a clearer picture of what lies ahead.


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