How much will I get in Social Security Disability benefits?

How much will I get in Social Security Disability benefits?

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If you are unable to work due to your medical conditions, you may wonder how much money you would receive from Social Security Disability. I wish I could give you a precise number, but the answer is it is different for every single person and based on the money you earned and paid taxes on over your lifetime.

Here are some factors that help determine your social security disability benefits:

The more money you made throughout your life, the higher your Social Security Disability benefits will be. The average Social Security Disability benefit for the disabled worker as of August of 2017 is $ 1,171.84.

The Social Security Administration typically sends you a “Social Security Statement” which will list out the amount of your benefits based on your individual earnings record. If you can’t find your Social Security Statement and have access to the Internet, you can find out what your Social Security Disability benefit amount would be by creating an account on “My Social Security”. Once you create an account, you can see your earnings history and print out a Social Security Statement showing exactly how much you would get if approved for Social Security Disability.

Certain other family members, including minor children living with you, can also receive Social Security benefits on your earnings record if you are unable to work due to your medical conditions. The amount others can receive on your earnings record depends on a number of factors, but it is also shown in the Social Security Statement.

Unfortunately, getting the Social Security Administration to approve you for disability benefits can be a long and challenging process. I recommend consulting an attorney, such as myself, who specializes in this type of case if you are considering filing.

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