Veterans Deserve More Than Thanks

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At the Deuterman Law Group, we are very grateful for the men and women who have served their country. But we believe veterans deserve more than thanks for their service.

That belief guides us in the work we do on behalf of our Veterans Disability clients and their families.

Military veterans signed a contract with our government, and by serving our country they fulfilled their end of the bargain. If veterans are injured in service, then the US government must live up to its end of the bargain by providing medical care and financial compensation to veterans who were disabled while serving our country. It’s our goal to ensure that our clients receive the VA disability benefits they deserve.

As we’re pursuing your claim, we never lose sight of our firm philosophy of putting people first. In everything we do, our clients and their families take priority. We never forget that we’re dealing with people’s lives, finances and emotional well-being.

If you have a VA Disability claim, our goal isn’t simply to win your case and collect a fee. Our goal is justice, which means ensuring you receive:

  • Maximum financial compensation for your injuries
  • The best medical care possible
  • The best psychological support
  • Access to other resources that will aid in your recovery

Brooke Moore, one of our paralegals, recently shared an example of this philosophy in action involving one of our VA Disability clients.

When he came to us for help, the client was homeless and living in his car. He had been denied VA Disability benefits and he was suicidal. The entire process left him dejected and ready to give up, not just on his claim but on life.

As Brooke shared with me, the client’s attorney and VA paralegal Britni Holcomb put an incredible amount of work and love into his case and into making sure that he received the support and treatment to deal with his depression.

“I have watched the two of them go so far past their work requirements to make sure this man is alive,” she wrote. “The client’s persistent desire to give up on life has been very stressful to his attorney and paralegal, but they have been that steady rock for him to stand on. He is still here because of them, hands down.”

Thanks to the VA Disability team’s hard work on this case and a recent win that secured him benefits, this veteran now has a future with many opportunities ahead.

Stories like these are why we do what we do here at the Deuterman Law Group. I am proud everyday of this team who make a difference in the lives of injured and disabled people. Knowing that we’re helping people during the most difficult and vulnerable times of their lives is what really matters. These are the “wins” that are most important to us.

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